I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately I feel my musical taste has been… maturing, for want of a better word. I mean, looking at the widget on the right side of this very blog is probably one indicator, and if I’m honest, this blog was probably started too late for anyone reading it to notice a difference.

One thing I have noticed though, is how I’m really getting into some of the early to mid 90’s bands that I never really got into the first time around. For instance, REM, Radiohead and Manic Street Preachers. However, I’m also getting fairly interested in the new indie stuff such as The Feeling, The Kooks, Snow Patrol et al.

In a similar vein, I found myself borrowing a friends DS for the week and playing through Resident Evil DS. Again, something I kind of missed the first time around (read: was too much of a wuss) but managed to complete the whole thing in only two sittings, and really enjoy it. And the “new” stuff with the touch screen was, I found, a nice touch – excuse the pun. For some reason, Nintendogs also seem to be earning a good portion of my time for similar reasons. It’s amazing how a company like Nintendo can take the norm, twist it and turn it into something completely different and new. Sure, they may not get the sales, but their ideas seem to end up being the most fun. And in the end, isn’t that what we all want from our games?

As for other stuff, well strangely I’m finding this the hardest period to blog about, as literally there’s barely anything happening of note until I get to Uni. Although I am going to visit the accomodation next week, so that’ll probably start sinking in a bit more then.

Ironically, as much as I’ve been thinking about coping once I get there, I don’t think I’ve barely thought much about the course itself.

…is that a bad thing?
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