So as you may have heard, today on the streets of London, the advertising campaign for the game F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin will see several well trained cats prowl the streets, striking… well… mild upset into the hearts of superstitious folk. Now, I couldn’t help thinking that perhaps some PR folks are missing a trick here – so here are some ideas I had illustrated using some very brief Photoshopping. If any PR companies want to use my ideas feel free to send a big massive (in value and size, for bragging purposes) cheque my way.

Come on Blurst, you know it makes sense.

He really does have a need for it.
I think people will appreciate the irony.

This is what happens before they become Radroaches
Hey, Ad guys! These will even survive the forthcoming apocolypse!

More after the jump, including a possibly NSFW one. Sorry about that.

A (non-Head) Crab
Most effective when they start latching onto peoples faces.

A shifty-looking fellow.
In Liberty forest, all is quiet… That is until Niko Raccoon wakes up!

You were thinking it. Weren't you?
Actually, I think EA pretty much may have well already done this one.

And finally:
Keep on rollin'...
Although to be fair, he could be pushing a copy of the game, you couldn’t tell…

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