Yes, again, quoting song lyrics of whatever I happen to be listening to as my blog title. -And again, it’s taken me a month to write anything…

Anyway, a reasonably good blog post again. My birthday went pretty smoothly, got a nice new watch and had a bloody good night out. Kingswood Live is now over (finally) but I’m still waiting for the money. However, I may have gone on a spending spree and bought another 10-odd games, including the Command and Conquer First Decade pack. Oh yes.

You see, the reason I’m unusally cheerful these last few weeks is the news that I have actually managed to get a place at University. Even if only Conditional, it’s better than being told to bugger off. Actually, it is quite a funny story. I originally applied for one course at one university, and that was the Game Design course offered at the University of Lincoln’s Hull Campus. Then I recieved the news that the course was to be moved. Even worse, it was tro be moved to Hull College. Exactly where I’ve been spending the last eighteen months working to get away from.

So I decided, to hell with it, I don’t want to do it. And Looked around for another course. Then, ironically, I found, at the same University, this course: Computer Games Production – which in the end, looks more like the type of course that I wanted to do in the first place. The thing was, it is held in Lincoln. Now, another point I should probably mention is that my Brother moved out a month ago, and with good reason. I think it was this, and my thinking -“If I don’t do something now, I never will…” and I applied. So, come September, I’m actually leaving Hull for Lincoln.

And I couldn’t be happier. Yes, I’ve lived all my life in Hull, so really, it is probably best I move on. Yeah, this place has been alright to me while I’ve lived here, and I don’t believe in going back to change the past. So I’m going to look to the future. Sure, I’ll miss Hull a little, but in the end, fuck it. And quite scarily, considering I was terrified of moving away from home, I now can’t wait to get the hell out of here!

The icing on the cake came the other morning. My letters of acceptance came through, and I had applied for both the degree and the Masters of Computing degree, hoping that I would at least get accepted by one or the other. I not only have a conditional acceptance from both, they both require me to get the same thing, even though usually you need more for the MComp. So if I get in one, I’m in the other -which leaves the choice up to me. And yes, I’m going for the Masters. Hell yes.

So yes, an upbeat change. I felt so good I added the little flash plugin you now see and changed the header image. Yes, quite something.

-ALSO: I’m Best of The Forum in this months PCGamer (UK) Magazine. Simple things.

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