They had made it. Only just, but they were alive. After battling thousands upon thousands of the infected horde, the survivors had finally reached their destination: Riverside. However, they now faced their toughest and most terrifying challenge ever: living with each other…

Meet Louis, Francis Bill and Zoey. They used to survive horrific ordeals against thousands of infected monsters, through hospitals, churches and airports. Now they’re settling down to make a new life for themselves in the quaint humble town of Riverside. Each of them have their own goals and aspirations in this new town, beneath Louis’ cool, calm exterior hides the heart of a… err… coward. But he dreams of one day of finally realising his dream of becoming a CEO ever since the day his old boss started foaming at the mouth, growling and started some frenzied stomping and clawing at his colleagues. Francis is the tough man of the group, to the extreme. Francis never does anything at all unless it’s EXTREME. He’s still determined to wipe the infected from the face of the Earth, and he won’t stop until justice is served in an EXTREME fashion. Bill is sometimes grumpy and inappropriate – he doesn’t care about the world, but like any grizzled war veteran he aspires to one day become an astronaut. We believe in you Bill! Finally there’s Zoey – soft, sensitive and prone to violent mood swings (usually when taking friendly fire or the unwanted advances of a Smoker’s tongue) Zoey harbours a wish of one day becoming a famous rock star, so even more people can hear her shrill wails. They’ll regret picking her up from the roof of Mercy Hospital…

So, after a minor altercation involving Francis and the removal van, they finally found their (almost) perfect home:

Bill, being the resident handyman of the group, sets about making the house liveable for four people to comfortably live in – after all, Zoey doesn’t particularly want to share the bed with three men. At least not on the first date. Bill ensures that she never has that problem. Unfortunately his solution is a little too effective – after renovations, he can only afford three beds for the group. Whoops. To rectify this matter, and in order for them to not have to resort to eating each other again, the group decides to look in the local paper for a job. Louis is the first to find successful employment, getting a desk based career just like his old one. Only without the mindless violence and gunshots, and slightly more paperwork. Bill enlists back into the military, and is surprised when they accept him back with open arms, hopefully they haven’t heard of his previous service record of shooting half naked crying women in the middle of a cornfield then… Francis takes the bold step of starting a career upholding the law in the most EXTREME manner possible, while Zoey decides the best way to keep yourself in prosperity is to become a screaming fan to all those far more talented artists out there – she’s excited by this prospect, but then she’s also excited when the neighbours come around to introduce themselves and play guitar.

Bill meanwhile decides to cook a meal for the group, a lovely healthy salad.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t told the group about his… ‘special’ method of washing the vegetables:

Uh oh…

Don’t worry Bill, I think you’ve got away with it…

NEXT TIME ON LEFT 4 SIMS: The Survivors meet their neighbours, The Infected.

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15 Responses to Chapter One: Welcome to Riverside

  1. I’m so confused. Do I want the sims or not? I fear I’ll only play it for a couple of hours then wander off to something more….violent, but I want to play it anyway. Hmm….

  2. EGTF says:

    Was Bill washing the vegetables for dinner or his own two vegetables and meat?

  3. Chris Evans says:

    Well this is now becoming a bit of a hit :p

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  6. Scott says:

    This is awesome. Bill looks the best.

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  8. Chad G. says:

    This is great man! Keep it up haha.

  9. mjayg says:

    “What happens when four survivors stop fighting zombies and start getting real?” 🙂

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  12. Prisqua says:

    Two of my favorite games put together?! That is awesome!!!

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