Holy headcrabs the new trailer for Black Mesa Source – which for the three of you that might not know is the mod project four years in the making to bring the original Half Life to the Source engine properly – looks impressive.

All for the love, not the money, and an actual promise of a 2009 release as well? Fantastic. If the team that make this don’t get some kind of job offer or some sort of Valve reward after this, then Lamarr will eat my hat. Followed by the rest of my head.

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3 Responses to Dr Freeman, I Presume

  1. Vanderdecken says:

    Lamarr. Two As. As in Hedy.


    Kleiner actually calls her Hedy at one point, when the One Free Man has just picked up his HEV suit again.

  2. The_B says:

    I knew what it was. Just spelling the thing. Further Grammar Nazis will be shot on sight.

  3. Peter says:

    Looking great. The first Half-Life (and the second, by the way) was the most exciting piece of adventure action to be released in the past 10 years.

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