OK, possibly the worst link to any Christmas song ever. Fantastic start.

Anyway, I digress. Maybe I’m selfish, but this Christmas, from my point of view, hasn’t been too, well, Christmassy this year. No other members of my family made it here this year, with one even managing to get himself hospitalised. Not that I am one for Christmas anyway, sure it’s nice to get gifts and all that but it’s a little rich we all celebrate the thing for the wrong reasons half of the time. But then, I myself am probably guilty of this. I don’t know if its because I’m turning 18 in less than a month, but I’m becoming more and more cynical.

Yes, most of my blog posts are depressing stuff, and it makes me seem like a miserable old bastard, which I guess at heart, I am. However, today I watched Shrek, Toy Story 2, My Family, Doctor Who and you know what – I’m glad I did. It’s simple things like Christmas telly that make me just sit and smile, and with a stomach full of Quality Street and various other sickly foods, I gorge on the feast while lying on the sofa, not unlike a Roman Emperor. Fuck the world – I’m happy.

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