I’ve had GTA4 a while now, and was playing through it while trying to wrestle with annoying dodgy framerates and annoying fiddly settings that display how badly it’s ported (which is a shame as the game itself is great) before Christmas. Then after my computer died and has since been ressurrected this last month, one of the first things I reinstalled was GTA4, which is now running a lot quicker now for some reason – whether it’s the second patch or installing onto a cleaner hard drive, I have no idea. However, I can not only run it at a decent resolution, but I can now turn on the clip capture and use the PC version’s Video Editor for the first time. I will in the near future hopefully be jumping on some Party multiplayer games soon for more random frolicks, but for now I present for your consideration my first two GTA4 movies. They are of course, just a bit of fun – but the editor is surprisngly profecient, although having a lot of experience with various video editing programs throughout my educational years does make me pine for certain things that would make it a lot easier, such as being able to have a more flexible timeline so I don’t have to replay the whole clip to get timings correct for titles…

First up, Niko takes on the might of SCIENCE:

And in the next one, Niko displays a serious bout of road rage:

Of course, I’m blatently jumping on the bandwaggon here, but theres some good stuff out there, if you’re willing to look.

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One Response to Grand Theatre Auto

  1. I’ll remember to look you up if the J-Server crew are getting a game together.

    Loving the multiplayer mightily, the singleplayer feels awful after it.

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