Well, after having two weeks more than everyone else I finally go back to college on Monday – and to be honest (and at the risk of sounding slightly sad) I can’t wait.

It’s not the fact I’ll be learning something – more the fact that in the kast six weeks, I have slept possibly more than a narcalyptic sloth – and to be honest, I was bored by week two. As much as time off is nice – and as much as I will be asking for it and willing it back when it’s gone – when you don’t have much you REALLY don’t have much, and so can only occupy yourself by doing certain things. My “escape” as it were is, if you haven’t guessed, playing more games. Even though I’ve been going to bed at stupid hours like 4 and even 5am – I find myself still trying to squeeze out that last hour of game time and make the most of it – even though I seem to have progressed no faster than usual.

Whether that says anything about me as a person, I don’t know – I find myself trying to get myself more enthusastic about things when my own brother doesn’t even seem barely interested half the time. Saying that, my upcoming feature I’m writing for my website, The Mad Gamer, at least gives me something more long term to do, and requires a little more thought and the output is a least more physical and, dare I say it? More rewarding in the end – not that I don’t find completing games satisfying – but it’s nice to have something physical to prove your labour.

So, yes my summer was crap, yes, my life is in a similar position, but with stuff to look forward to (such as Uni applications -“oh joy! Debt. ¬_¬” ) and hopefully, me turning eighteen will open a few more doors than it closes, the future my have a bit of light after all.

– Bluddy hell, an optomistic blog entry? Must be the end of the world already…

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