Some backstory then: about a month ago, this exchange took place at GDC involving Mark Rein of Epic Games:

He was also pretty sure that PC games had to stay on the shelves at retail, rather than using all that fancy internet delivery magic.

PC Gamer’s Tim Edwards: “Does the PC even need retail, I mean-”

Mark Rein. “YES! Yes.”

Later an anonymous man in the audience started screaming at Rein, shouting “Haven’t you heard of the Internet!?”

Then today, Epic’s Unreal games have all appeared on Steam.

I should point out I don’t have anything against this decision, or indeed Rein’s comments. I just think it’s quite amusing how stuff turns out, isn’t it?

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One Response to It’s A Funny Old Game

  1. Seniath says:

    I do wonder, however, how much this has to do with Atari coming to Steam, given that they published everything added up until Unreal Tournament 3.

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