No, I still can’t get enough of Guitar Hero. The Air Guitar Rocker is already out in the US, and should be due over here soon. But slightly more excitingly (or at least moreso than Guitar Hero Aerosmith) is that the DS version is nearly upon us. And lo – a trailer!

I don’t care how much of a fool I would look in public with this. It looks like an awesomely interesting and slightly cool new way of using the DS…

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One Response to I’ve Got One Hand In My Pocket, And The Other’s Playing Guitar Hero

  1. Darren says:

    I didn’t think much to this when I first saw it, but I’m amazed at how well it works with the DS! It’s the last system you’d expect it to be seen on! I may just pick this up when I have a chance! Although, I do use the old chunky DS still, I really should invest in a DSLite…

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