Yes, a rather drastic makeover this time. Most notably I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress.

Oh and of course the new theme with the “choose your own background!” option.
Anyway, bear with me while I get all the kinks ironed out and get used to the new software, expect to see some stuff looking either weird, different or removed alltogether while I try and work out how this stuff works and as I attempt to mutilate it for my own purposes. Those that know me and know a fair amount about CSS, be prepared to be bombared with questions from me…

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2 Responses to MakeUnder Mark II

  1. Daniel Hough says:

    Good choice! WordPress, in my experience is very reliable and also flexible. Looking good!

  2. The_B says:

    Aye, I’m really impressed at the amount of customisation I can do with WP, especially compared to Blogger, where basically I just had my blog posts and my archive (which didn’t work half the time).

    Now the archives are working and I can build a fair few other pages to the blog. I’m very tempted to buy a new domain again soonish as well when I get some more money.

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