The two words which make me laugh the most when out and about.

Well, firstly you know the Manager’s had nothing to do with them, and secondly – they’re far from “special” -come on, do you REALLY think the manager wen’t through his entire stock and thought “oh yes, I’ll just reduce that one – because I’m feeling kind” ¬_¬

Got PC Gamer today too – actually excited about games again, reading about Sin Episodes anyway – actually something that restored my faith in games this year (well, if it gets released this year) -now I can’t believe the first one passed me by – so I suppose I’ll have to try and find it somewhere now, looked like a fairly good romp…

What else did I buy? A haircut and Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich. Yes, indeed I’m in one of those “play the underdog” moods again – go on, give an overlooked game a good home, treat it well and it will provide you with hours of entertainment for a long time to come. I myself have played, and enjoyed most of these underdogs. Monopoly Tycoon, Startopia, Giants:Citizen Kabuto, Vampire:Bloodlines but to name a few. Damn enjoyable they are too – so I challenge you:

Go out to your local games selling emporium and look on the shelves for that game, there’s always one, that’s looking a little lost. Puppy dog eyes eargly awaiting you to buy it, but you’ve previously avoided it because you feared it would affect your “gamers cred” (if there is such a thing) by playing it. You never know, you could suprise yourself…

Oh, meanwhile London seems to be getting back to normal. Or at least according to Taurus at The Triforce anyway…

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