This blog was brought to you by two, yes two multipacks of Nobby’s Crisps…

Today I have mostly been eating and playing WoW. You see, every so often, something new in the world of food comes out, I eat a few, get addicted and end up eating a stupid amount. Lately its been Nobbys Crisps – I don’t care which flavour, although I prefer the Salt & Vinegar, followed by Steak and the Balti Chicken last. The strange thing is, I don’t even like curry/spices/Balti Chicken that much, but just because the multipack contains the other flavours I eat them first anyway. So in the last twelve hours I have managed to munch my way through 12 packets of the things – 8 Steak and two each of the other two flavours.

It sounds like a lot and I admit it is. But quite a few of my friends hate me sometimes for a simple reason. You see, I eat TONS of crap, a good deal of stuff that “ian’t good for me” – yet I don’t seem to put any weight on – my weight seems to stay the same, in fact I’m more on the thin side than anything, and I can hear the envy in friends voices when they ask “What are you doing?” and I reply (usually with my mouth full) “Eating…”

Other problem? -Damn they make me thirsty…

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One Response to Nobby’s Crisps

  1. craig says:

    love nobbys chipshop salt n vinegar but cant get them anywhere. do they still make them.

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