So, that Team Fortress 2 update for the Scout has now been released. That’s the good news.

The bad news to some: No new gamemode appeared after all & no new ‘Meet The…’ Video either.

However, it’s interesting to note these extra changes:

  • Spies can now control which weapon the enemy team sees them holding.
  • Changed backstab handling to fix facestabs
  • Spies disguised as enemy team can now see player IDs for enemies
  • Are you sure this wasn’t a sneaky reveal of the Spy patch in the same set, Valve?

    Oh, and to celebrate, TF2 is on Steam at it’s lowest price ever. £6.99 – By ‘eck. That’s a bargain.

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    3 Responses to Scouting For Spies

    1. Nuyan says:

      Woah, I thought the scout update was generally a bit disappointing as well, but that’s awesome.

    2. x25killa says:

      FUCK YES from all the spies.
      STUN EM from scouts.
      AWW SHIT from every other class. Including Heavy.

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