Season Six of Scrubs is going to be awesome.

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3 Responses to Scrubs Guy Love

  1. FinalSin says:

    Cox looks so /old/. I haven’t finished Series 5 yet, but I took a peek at 6’s opening. McGinley let himself go.


  2. The_B says:

    I really enjoyed the first episode. Glad they managed to keep the quality high for the opening episode.

    Especially neat touch was the actors also playing the role of their patients (although Braff’s was a little… disturbing..)

    Although I think it also featured one of the best Janitor does something bad to J.D scenes ever. Absolutely brilliant.

  3. hysteria says:

    anyone kno were i can stream season 5 and 6 got allthe others on dvd but 5 n 6 not out yet cheers

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