Apologies for the lack of updates recently, University has been stupidly busy (more on that later) so this will probably the last post before the obligatory Christmas one. I suppose my tendancy to be distracted by games hasn’t helped whatsoever. In the last month, I’ve been distracted by Bioshock, The Orange Box, Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 and Call of Duty 4. Plus just this weekend I’ve been being distracted by demos of Crysis, The Witcher and Tabula Rasa. On top of which I’ve also been trying to fit in Mistake of Pythagoras and Minerva: Metastasis in a thinly veiled excuse of ‘research’. And I still intend to get Crysis and Guitar Hero 3 at some point after Christmas. So my gaming schedule is pretty much full, despite the fact I have a stupid number of games I’m even yet to get through yet. And then added to the fact I’ve toned down the actual time spent gaming to a more healthy level than it was before starting Uni, I’m starting to wish there were more hours in the day.

On the positive side, at least it seems to be a great time to be a gamer, what with the huge choice, but I really have to concentrate back on my Uni work soonish. The research mentioned earlier is important, as over Christmas I have a bucketload of assignments to complete, including work on two HL2 mods – one I’m developing solo and has to be in for the first week back, the other a longer term (over the course of the year) group project, in which we’re intending to create some form of human body educational serious game. And as much as I’m finding it a lot of work, I’m learning a great deal – which is encouraging as that is what I’ve been paying to come to University for. I do have a new found respect for all you modders out there though, especially the aforementioned Minervea, which is all the work of one person. Hopefully after I’ve finished I may work on a Portal map soonish – there are some awesome ones out already.

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One Response to So Much Stuff, Not Enough Time

  1. Purplehaze says:

    Nice ideals, Thanks for the link to Metastasis mod by Adam Foster. Been looking for it for a long time, Ill be looking here frequently

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