Yet again, I manage to make a title which has a small relation to the content of the post, yet manages to make as little sense as possible to the casual observer – it’s a gift I tell you…

Anyway, how do you measure success? I suppose that’s all down to your point of view. Some would say that World of Warcraft is a “successful” game becasue of its subscriber numbers. In the same way, people may say this blog isn’t successful as it has had hardly any comments to any of its posts. I know one person who reads these ramblings – that’s about it. But I still think this blog is successful. It’s nothing to do with numbers or comments, it’s as simple as this is my place, this is my vent at everything.

This is my place to say “Fuck Off World!”

– I can tell about all the crap I’m going through, all the near misses and all the good stuff when (and if) it does happen. For instance I could tell you right now the frustration of companies not taking me seriously. The downright anger at the fact my e-mails are hardly replied to. But then I could also tell you about how good things are happening with the website. How progress is being made (abliet, more slowly than intended) with regards to now making a podcast and improving the site. I could also tell of the need for more people to sign up to the forums – but if only the person I know who reads this reads this, there is little point.

I’d liuke to think we all have our little treats, our vents -somewhere to let off steam – however that may be, but I’m happy with my successful blog for now, thank you very much.

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