You may remember my previous lament on the closure of Inside Xbox nearly a year ago now, and you may also be familiar with the subsequent update on three of the team (Dan Maher, Gareth Wild and Ash Denton) forming Explosive Alan Productions and launching a successful fundraising campaign to produce a pilot show known as Project Possum.


Well, that idea evolved and morphed with the help of backers like myself and has become Thank You For Playing. And bringing us to the point of this post I am ecstatic to help the guys and the many many people who also helped contribute to the project announce that the first episode is available for your viewing pleasure right NOW. You can find it embedded below or you can head to the Thank You For Playing website to take a look at it.


Based on the theme of Togetherness, rather than as straightforward linear video show, TYFP is a mash of video, website and even game so to speak. Each episode is called a “World” and on that world are several sections with their own video and theme. Watching the videos unlocks supplemental material which can also be viewed and enjoyed at a rate that’s completely down to you. You can save your progress, so you don’t even have to finish it in one sitting. Thank You For Playing works best in full screen and on Google Chrome browsers, although other browsers are supported and being worked on, and the team welcome your feedback both technical and otherwise in the hope to make subsequent episodes.

On a personal note I am incredibly happy to see the fruits of their labours and I am so very impressed with the final product. I am fully in support of the guys being able to continue to a full series, and following these guys on their journey including having met the guys in person at Eurogamer Expo has been a privilege. Now, there’s only one thing missing…


Where are you, Mantler?

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