Another feature I compiled for The Official Xbox Magazine (UK) has gone live on their website today. In it, I explore the twenty “best” pieces of DLC since the console’s launch and put them in a non-specific order for your reading pleasure.


If there’s one thing this generation of consoles will be remembered in the annexes of gaming history for, it’s downloadable content. We’ve come to expect that the box we buy off the shelf (or the Xbox Marketplace) doesn’t necessarily contain the entirety of what a game has to offer.

There were a few – I don’t like to call them rules as I followed them about as strictly as a elephant in a public swimming pool would – guidelines; mainly that the list is focused primarily on single player packs, and I roughly tried to keep it to one per game so that those such as Skyrim and Oblivion that have had multiple pieces of substantial DLC didn’t take up all the spots. Nevertheless, please feel free to point out in the comments section of that article any you may feel I’ve cruelly missed, omitted or otherwise ignored from the list.

Here’s the link to the feature. As ever, thanks to the wonderful folk of OXM for editing, publishing and general awesomeness and I hope you enjoy the read!

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