As I have previously mentioned, I am in an online gaming team (or clan) called Clan {Jeff}. We formed in the middle of 2004 as a group of gamers who played the game Unreal Tornament 2004 a lot together. We felt, hey what the hell and started a clan. Or rather, Vader did. A few weeks after this I discovered a LAN cafe in Hull called (The_Hub) and I played there regulary during the summer.
After (more than) a few games on UT2004, VAder recruited me into the clan, where I have been an active (read:thorn in the side 😀 ) member ever since. WE played a few matches against other clans, and entered into an official tournament on Clanbase a few weeks later

We were knocked out after the first stage.

Since then, the clan has branched out into other games such as Counter Strike, and had a lot better success. But I remain in the UT2004 clan, which has become rather…sparse…as of late, yet I join the CS servers regulary using the moniker of [JeF] before my name. This is not my choice that I dont play for the CS team, it’s the leader’s. But I suppose it’s his choice…

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