Yes, first post of new year, yipee and all that… ¬_¬

It’s taken me till now (the 26th of Jan) to actually write anything because, well, I’ve had a hundred things dropped on me at once, which is nice. If you’re a workaholic. Not so much if you’re a procrastinator. I’ll give you three guesses which category I fall into, and the first two don’t count…

At the moment, I have once again I have been placed as the “Manager” of Kingswood Live radio station. Basically, it’s a small community radio station, based at the school I used to attend, which runs two, two-week long “broadcasts” every year. When I was at the school, I took part every year, and even helped to man the phones occasionally. As a result, when I left there back in 2004 and went to do Media in Hull College, the “Director” of the radio station, who was also my form tutor, asked if I wanted to return in a mangement capacity, but get paid this time (I may have mentioned this before, but meh) Of course, I said yes as I needed the money. That was back in June 2005, and now once again I’m managing in the latest broadcast – taking place as I type.

The thing is, I do dispair sometimes, the kids seem to only have one musical taste, and that’s in crap. Music that I would never listen to if I could help it is now force fed into my ears for around 8 hours a day. I mainly suprvide the broadcast during evenings and weekends, especially as I also still have normal college to attend around it. But the thing that annoys me is that the Director seems to think that I should know every little detail about the station, which I don’t, and am unable to with college and the like to try and attempt as well. Some of the kids don’t listen to what I say, and hell – I’m Not A Teacher, so I have no idea how much I am “allowed” to berate them for when they fuck up. I feel like most things are out of my jurisdiction. Still, I’m expected to get on with it and try. On a positive note, it is now nearly over, and the people who are on after school are very capable and a joy to sit with and indeed, they are doing great shows. But, I doubt I am going to manage the station again after this, yes, I’ll return to do a show as a DJ, but apart from that, hell no.

And if I hear that bluddy “Children of the Night” one more time, I may just throw an axe at the nearest child to do so…

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