OK, several things to talk about in this blog.

Firstly I’m going to moan about my very bad day on Wednesday. I went out with the intention of upgrading my bank account from the current standard one to a shiny new Student Account and claim a free MP4 player. However, I don’t own a Passport or Driver’s License. “No matter” I thought, “They’ll accept my birth certificate like before”. Not so. In fact, apparently the only other thing they would have accepted was an NUS card. Which I don’t get till I go to Uni, suprisngly enough… So yes, now I have to wait ’till Uni to get one. Great. (And yes, that does mean the MP4 player is probably now a no go as well…) If that wasn’t enough to piss on my day, then the fact that when I got home my computer greeted me with a Blue Screen Of Death really didn’t help matters. That’s right, my computer is borked. So after a semi fix (which has let me get to the point I’m at now) I get to spend the “joys” of backing up about 50GBs of stuff. Whoop de fucking doo. So as you can guess, I’m rather annoyed at the moment.

However, while looking through the hard drive for things that I really should back up, I came across some old photos from a year ago that I never got around to uplodaing. They’re from the ESWC at my old local LAN Cafe “The_Hub” last year. At which me and my good friend B0FH were shoutcasters – and although it was our first time, we got a lot of compliments and it was indeed a laugh. Besides the fact that our e-sports knowledge combined was next to nothing, and it was possibly the most random casting this side of Douglas Adams, it was a great laugh, and indeed funny as hell to do. I’ve uploaded the pictures featuring me to my Flickr, click on the picture below to look at them yourself, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

WARNING: 'Casters At Work

Finally in this entry, I’d like to direct your attention to the fantastic Improv Everywhere, who have once again done an amazingly awesome stunt, whereas they decided to go into a Homeware store and indeed act as if they were in slow motion and at times freeze completely. It’s well worth a look, and the reaction on most of the staff and customer’s faces is priceless! If you haven’t seen it yet, the U2 stunt on there is also fantastically hilarious, if only for the amount of people who thought it was the real U2, and the fact it got broken up by the cops in the end. Abosolutely brilliant!

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