Just to let you know, I’ve made a few tweaks to the blog. I’ve removed the Snap Preview Anywhere plugin, partly as I didn’t really agree with the advertising, but also because I’ve now heard bad things about it and it doesn’t seem to be very popular. If you disagree and would like it back, or if you’re glad I got rid of it, feel free to let me know and I may reconsider. However, if you really must have link previews, I’ve been told to reccomend you install Cooliris Previews if you have FireFox, as apparently it’s a nice optional, unobtrusive plugin.

On a more postive note, I’ve added Gravatars to the comments. All you have to do is visit the Gravatar website, sign up for an account (all you have to give them is your email addy, the same one you would use to comment on here) and then you can upload a pretty picture that will appear next to your comment. Sure, I’m blatently stealing from RPS and Richard here, but I think they’re a nice little addition anyway. Or we can lie and pretend I thought of it first.

I’d also like to utilize the new tags function with WordPress at some point, but it’s going to be a case of either looking through the theme files and modifying them, or looking for a plugin to the job for me, we’ll see. Although it will depend on if I get these assignments done. And finish Gears of War on PC. I did manage to finish Call of Duty 4’s singleplayer though, and I’m enjoying the multiplayer. I know I promised Orange Box reviews and never delivered, but again I’ll blame the Uni workload for the moment – I might do reviews for those two if I get the time.

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