How’d you like the new look of the place? After far too long neglecting this thing – helped somewhat by a reminder of how much it costs coupled with now having the time to do it justice – I’ve given myself and it a big kick up the arse in terms of design and of course the plan is that this will motivate me to upkeep the content a heck of a lot more. So I present to you Double You Tee Eff Version I’m-Not-Even-Counting-Anymore:

How did I take this picture while writing this post?...OH SH-


It’s not quite finished yet, so you may see something things out of place and odd as I continue to tweak, but I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve done already and it feels to me far more professional now, which will hopefully help in securing future work. Speaking of, at least I have an almost valid excuse for my lack of blogging the last few months. A day job as a receptionist just ended this week, but more pertinently during that time I’ve also managed to keep myself writing more freelance stuff, particularly thanks to Jon Hicks and Mike Channell of the Official XBox Magazine and over the last few months I’ve been doing bits and pieces in there, including a Halo Reach Forge tutorial and a guide to games in 2011. I’m still getting fairly regular transcription work on top of this too, so now my day job is over it’s down to me to capitalize on these opportunities – hence in part the blog overhaul.

So, expect a lot more content on here – of course I’ll try and keep this place up to date with my professional work as well where possible. But take a look around, tell me what you think and give me any advice or comments on the new look. Thanks for reading and your support so far and I hope it’ll continue into 2011. In a year where Duke Nukem Forever is actually getting a release and I return to more regular blogging, I dare say it’s a year completely comfortable with expecting the unexpected.

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2 Responses to Blogocalypse Now

  1. Chris Evans says:

    One thing, add me to your list of people blogging 😉

  2. The_B says:

    @Chris Evans – Aha – I was not aware you had also returned to the land of the Blogsplosion: Rectified.

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