“Sorry to start this review on somewhat of a negative note, but having just completed the latest adventure of our favourite Patent Lawyer/Bail Bond employee George Stobbart in the latest game in what most would say is THE name in adventure games, I come away thinking that something isn’t right. You see, ten years ago, we were introduced to Mr Stobbart and indeed the Broken Sword series outside a Cafe in Paris, and indeed the series started with a bang – quite literally – as said Cafe was soon blown up by an evil clown. From here, the adventure just got better, taking any many many exotic locales, meeting up with more and more interesting and funny characters while taking in a engrossing, adult story dealing with many aspects of Mediveal and Christian mythology, all the while giving the player deliciously tricky puzzles to solve, and coupled with the absolutely georgeous orchestral score and indeed the unique artwork and animation that went into the game, provided a solid, enjoyable and indeed special adventure experience…”

“Defcon will blow you away! Defcon is exploding with fun! Defcon will ignite gamers everywhere! Right, there’s my nuclear bomb pun quota for this review maxed out, lets get down to buisness. Introversion Software are indeed, everything a gamer could ask for in a games development company. They’re fun (they’ve been known to dress in full costume when previewing their games), they’re honest (When Darwinia won the grand prize at the Independant Games festival last year, they famously announced that they “didn’t want publishers f(iddling – family friendly Ed) with our gameâ€? and finally, they make games that they themselves want to play…”

Or to put it another way, two reviews (which have incidentally been up on The Mad Gamer for a while) that I have so far neglected to bring over here are finally now on this blog, under the Portfolio section. I obviously think they’re pretty good, and I would appreciate it if you would take a look, and if you so desire, comment. The games in question being Broken Sword 4 and DEFCON.

You see, with University and that bastard known as Real Life, I’ve found I’ve not got as much time to keep TMG up much at the moment. So it’s still going to be around, but it may be a little lacking in updates for the time being. It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing, far from it, but if you for some reason enjoy reading my ramblings and gaming related articles, I suggest you come here to this blog as your first port of call for now. As a result I’m thinking of changing my header image soon. Possibly to better reflect the content of the blog, we shall see.

Incidentally, my writings should start appearing in other places soon, all being well…

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