I promised I’d have something in the works.

So I would like to welcome you to my Christmas gift, the very first DoubleYouTeeEffCast. Joined by my good friend Andy Lamb we sat down and decided to talk about the year in gaming. Of course, we manage to fly readily off topic and end up about talking about stuff from all over the decade and beyond but I’d like to think this adds character.

Also adding character (read: highlighting the amateurism) is my voice, all the background noises, the disappointing segways and even this running order in which I forget to actually note the times for the first few items. I’ll update it at some point, but I’m away for the next couple of days so you’ll just have to make do.

Download it from here – I’m not going to iTunes it yet for three reasons: one is the quality (or lack thereof) two is the fact that – for now – it’s a one off, we may do more in the future. Thirdly is I just don’t like iTunes.

So that running order then:
Duke Nukem Never
Command and Conquer
Open world games 13:22
Pushing Tech 16:12
Valve in 2009 18:35
Achivements 20:40
Consoles! 23:30
Games of 2009 30:50 (Ben induces Mariorage)
Left 4 Dead 2 32:58
Modern Warfare 2/The Problem with Boycotts 37:49
Champions Online 41:08
MMOs & Subscriptions 45:12
Indie Games of 2009 46:40 (I manage to mispronounce Spelunky spectacularly)
Return of Monkey Island 57:05
Games of 2010 1:04:05

And the link to the podcast itself. Enjoy, or don’t and of course comments are open. They might be ignored but they’re certainly open.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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