Video Games. A medium unlike any other – it’s the only place where people are actually free to interact with the media in a way not possible with things such as TV and print. Because of this. It’s the perfect place for people to try something new and innovative. Enter Rag Doll Kung Fu…
Two years in the making, dedicated Lionhead games designer Mark Healey has released a game that’s wacky, different and is, of course, quite fun. How much fun you’ll get out of it is depending on you – but thanks to the people at Valve, the game is accessible to a wider audience than perhaps it would normally get through its Steam platform. But, of course, you’re here to find out whether it’s worth investing your cash in the game? Well, read on..

My review of Rag Doll Kung Fu over at Mad Gamer, posted by my good friend BOFH…

Yes, the merger is pretty much fully done now, and its basically now just a case of porting the TMG stuff to a new system while keeping the basic “look” and feel of the site – almost like some sort of “cross-breeding” thing, if you will.

Considering how earlier in the year I was moaning the lack of good games this year, suddenly 101 new ones come out that are actually decent – yet I don’t have the money for it all – which to be honest, is like not only kicking someone while they’re down, but having sex with their woman at the same time…

-Oh, I’ve now also got into a forum based RPG, as it were, with a couple of buddies from College – if you’re actually that interested, you can check it out for yourself here. I myself am playing a Doctor, hopefully no one will die while I’m playing… ¬_¬

Speaking of college – the fuckers have decided to make me come in on two of my days off (although, admittedly, it was quite self imposed) – and I have to ring a taxi company (and anyone that knows me will tell you I HATE ringing for taxis…) and then get a truckload of filming done before the end of the week. – So all in all, a shitload of work as usual then.

Yes, a little more diary-like post from me – but I can’t think of anything terribly deep or witty to say at the moment, so you’ll have to make do, or do what my friend BOFH likes to tell people to do when they just won’t leave him alone…

“Grab a dessert spoon, and Eat. My. Ass.”

..oh, and go and see the Wallace & Gromit movie. It rocks.
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