I’m personally a fan of video based gaming content, as anyone who follows my Twitter is probably well aware by now. I believe it is of course, an excellent companion to the written form, and there’s plenty of awesome stuff out there. To be quite honest, the main reason I haven’t done much myself is purely due to hardware reasons and not really having enough space to store footage on – and recent hardware issues over the last year has left my current machine held together largely on hope and the last remnants of my sanity.

Recently though, I was made aware of the awesome Open Source Broadcaster software. The best part of it is the fact that I can stream directly to Twitch and then subsequently export to YouTube while taking up as little hard drive space as possible (because it all goes directly to Twitch’s server and then from there to YouTube.) As a result of this I’ve been doing semi-regular playthoughs of certain games – the aforementioned hardware issues (not to mention issues relating to my terrible internet speeds) mean I can’t really stream many graphically heavy “AAA” titles myself, but I’ve done a couple of older and less graphically intense games to some success.

Of course I’m going to post them on here, you didn’t think I was above that did you?

She certainly will

Sorry Cate!

So here’s my first completed series so to speak on one of my favourite shooters from 2002, No One Lives Forever 2 which was inspired by the frankly shocking news story that no-one seems to know who owns the rights to the series anymore:

Followed up by my desperately flailing into the guts of Surgeon Simulator 2013’s Steam release:

If you want to keep up with future broadcasts (and of course I’ll more than likely post roundups here from time to time, not to mention alerting you via the medium of my Twitter) then here’s the standard plea to go visit my Twitch channel or my YouTube page to marvel at my ineptitude like a polar bear trying to unwrap a Penguin. Underwater. While being tickled by a Kraken.

Also – I’ve done another review for the lovely folks over at Official Xbox Magazine which should be appearing in next month’s mag, along with my visage so you know where to direct your hate even if you’re away from the internet! It’s for the lovely game Terraria, and if you’re don’t fancy going to buy a copy of this excellent publication just for my review you can find it on their website as well.

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