So, David Perry (he of ex-head of Shiny entertainment, and the guy who created Earthworm Jim – NOT the bandana wearing co-commentator of GamesMaster fame) has announced his latest project, and from the point of view of all wannabe games developers, and those like me who are interested in this sort thing – it appears to be a very, well – interesting little project.

Top Secret Perry Intro

So, it appears to be a mix of X-Factor meets Second Life meets…errrr… well, there really hasn’t been anything really like it. But if I’m completely honest, I think this sounds like a really good idea, and I’d be willing to bet somewhere out there, a television exec is kicking himself for not thinking of it first.

Now, I am not a big fan of Reality Television. In fact, you could say I almost despise it – currently we seem to be saturated in the thing, which is part of the reason I lately find watching television more an occasional “if-I’m-really-bored” sort of thing to do. However, the fact that (at the moment) this isn’t going to be televised throws away the main thing I could possibly have against the project. Heck, there aren’t really any bloody celebrities involved to take focus away from the real focus of the project, unlike the televised talent shows we get these days.

So anyway, enough about Reality TV – the project really does I feel, offer a great opportunity. I mean, for one – what sort of person wanting to get into the game industry wouldn’t like to show themselves as the director of an MMO on their CV? Moreover, for years we’ve had things like Second Life, and There – both of which are persistant MMO’s, that offer the users to create their own content. Finally we have something that could indeed result in real recognition for these guys that spend so much time on their efforts for very little relative reward. I shall be keeping an eye on this with interest in the coming months.

And if you want to get involved – and I suggest you do – this would be the link you will be wanting.

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4 Responses to Dave Perry’s Top Secret

  1. FinalSin says:

    I think it’s a neat little project, but there is always the worry of… well, the entire project itself.

    Games are bad enough when they’re made by people who have already worked in the industry. A game largely composed of free-for-all submissions – surely doomed to fail? Will you even be able to see genuine skill in a mire of everyone else?

    Who knows. At least they’re trying, I guess.

  2. The_B says:

    Of course, that could be a bit of a problem, but if the judging is in both the development team and indeed the hands of the players themselves, surely does it not balance it out?

    Of course then there is the debate that people are stupid…

  3. DuBBle says:

    Doesn’t Will Wright have a theory relating to content creation through the employment of tiny little worker elves? Although most of the labour-force may be stupid, incompetent, and entirely unoriginal, a few bright-eyed beings will outshine the rest and create something really good – something better than a team of paid professionals may create after lengthy deliberations or perhaps they would never even consider.

    Have you signed up? I’m registering now.

  4. The_B says:

    If I told you, I would have to kill you… 😉

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