Those of you that are interested or care – I would ask that you purchase the latest issue of PC Gamer UK magazine out from today, open it up and look at the contents, spefically the contributors section.

Yes, I am a bit chuffed, and very happy to see my name and work in print in a magazine. I can’t say thanks enough to the team, but I will.

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3 Responses to Fanfare & Ribbons

  1. dartt says:

    I got my subscribers issue a few days ago and spotted your name in the contributers section 😀

    Which sections did you contribute to?

  2. The_B says:

    Mainly the news section this month, specifically the EEE PC bit and the Steam Cloud stuff and the screenshots in the PCG Showdown and Rustlers features. Hopefully there should be more next month, all being well.

  3. Just passing by your blog as I occasionally do via the PCG forums. Good work on the articles, man, an awesome feat and I am tremendously jealous! Any plans for future world domination?

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