Well, I’ve just got the Flipnote Studio software that’s just been released in Europe for the DSiWare channel – it’s basically a program for DSi that lets you create animated notes complete with sound and allows you to post them onto the web. Here’s my profile page, and here is my first creation:

So far, I’m really enjoying it. The software is amazingly powerful with a surprising amount of depth for something free, allowing you to add your own sounds using the Mic or indeed anything you’ve recorded with the DSi sound, and lets you import your own photos from the DSi camera.

The website is also home to some extraordinary creations. These were particularly chucklesome examples:

I definitely recommend a download, and given it’s free you’ve got no excuse really if you’ve got a DSi.

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One Response to Flippin’ Awesome

  1. AK says:

    Man, that is awesome.

    But I think I’ll stick with my regular DS Lite for now. DSi has yet to truly entice me.

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