Massive Pail. Which is my new word for pun fail. It may or may not catch on.

Anyway, not that I wasn’t going to be supporting one of my favourite developers or anything by not getting their new game (which I can almost safely say now I had the chance to play during my work experience at PC Gamer) – but Introversion have given me about thirteen good reasons to get Multiwinia once it comes out:

The pack comes in a limited edition tin case complete with Darwinia logo, and comes replete with the following:

Boxed Multiwinia Game(CD in DVD case)
Boxed Darwinia Game (CD in DVD case)
Multiwinia Coffee Table Artbook showcasing award-winning graphics from Darwinia and Multiwinia, plus original design docs and early prototype screens.
2 x the infamous Foam Darwinians! (differing colours)
All 8 of the Multiwinian vs Darwinian Postcards

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been after one of those foam Darwinians since Darwinia originally came out three or four years ago. To get two, and all the other stuff as well is awesomeness.

Now if you’d just like to give me a clue as to what Subversion’s going to be, I’ll be a happy man IV.

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