Yes, in fact! Today’s blog title actually has some sort of relation to the contents contained within. OK, admittedly I have got better at making relevant titles as time has progressed, in fact, I’d like to think of myself as slightly more adept at blogging as I go along. The frequency of the last few posts probably shows something of the increase of confidence I now have in this thing. Anyway…

Today is indeed the 18th August. That means that I start University in exactly a month’s time. However, having had nothing to do for the last eight weeks now means that little things are probably seeming a lot more exciting to me than usual. Also the fact I currently have no job and therefore no income, means that me buying new games – which would usually be the preferred outlet of my boredom – is out of the question. However, Serria have been so kind as to today release the Multiplayer portion of their Horror FPS FEAR as a FREE standalone download called FEAR COMBAT, and so last night, between 6.45pm and 12.40am, I spent the entire time downloading all 1.8GB of the client. And oh yes, it was indeed worth it. Because kicking arse (even if it is my own arse that seems to be recieving the kicking) is a lot of fun. See, I love it when people release games or even parts of games for free. Because, when it comes down to it, after all the business stuff, the economics and politics of video games, it’s good that some guys remember that when it comes down to it, gaming should sometimes be about having as much fun as easily as possible.

And when I wasn’t gaming, two other things that made me smile today were as follows:

1. Today, I managed to obtain the Holy Grail of snack discovery: The Incredibly Big Crispâ„¢

Very Big Crisp

2. Apparently I am the number 1 result for “lazy jobless” in Google. GO TEAM!

Fame At Last!

Yes, it has been quite a slow week again…

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