So yeah, basically I’ve done most of the packing now, and this is probably the last “proper” post I’ll get to blog before I leave for pastures new. Or Lincoln, as it’s better known.

So yeah, Hull. What am I leaving behind? Well – a city really. I mean, I suppose I have a fair amount of connection with the place, and I probably owe it something, given that I’ve lived here all my life:

It’s where I’ve grown up.
It’s where I went to School.
It’s where I went to College.
It’s where I was on a Youth Council.
It’s where I took part in several radio stations.
It’s where I won a Community Pioneer Award
It’s where I produced a video diary for the BBC for several years.
It’s where I’ve embarrased myself more than a few times.
It’s where I got drunk for the first time.
It’s where I acted like an idiot occasionally.
It’s where I slept.
It’s where I lived.

Sure, in some ways I’m going to miss the place (although I will be back now and again) but then, I feel ready to move on. And move forward. And do pretty much exactly the same stuff I did here. So all in all, it’s not really as big a thing to me as I originally thought it would be.

And in the end, that’s probably a good thing.

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