…in that there Los Angeles place.

I’m not there, unfortunately, but I hope to make up for my recent blog drought (sorry about that, end of Uni combined with a -sadly unsuccessful – job interview with GamerZines has kept me rather busy as of late) by posting a fair amount this week about everything announced that seems interesting.

And then at the end of the week, Sims 3 is here so I’ll probably be quiet again for a little bit and I’m currently in the process of finding somewhere to live for when I get kicked out of this student house on 31st June, so might be a bit quiet around then too. *Ahem* Sorry.

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One Response to I Heard There’s Some Big Kerfuffle Going On…

  1. Jazmeister says:

    Have you considered hijacking a train full of nukes and threatning the world’s leaders? Lot of money in that.

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