Whoever came up with that bullshit deserves to be stapled to a Steel Battalion controller and made to play Lesiure Suit Larry : Magna Cum Laude for the rest of their life. – from what I’ve seen, imitation is where the person couldn’t be bothered to come up with an original idea…

Well, apart from the hilarious goings on at another forum (Reboot or something) stealing posts from PCG, I find myself blogging at 2.07 in the morning, just because I can.

Two friends are now playing WoW as I write this, chatting away to each other about their lateest whore-fest they’re doing, while I listen in on Ventrilo – and to be honest I don’t mind. Yes, it’s usually more fun to play a game, but you’ve got to admit a designer’s done something right when you can enjoy hearing someone else talk about the game and still paint a rich tapestry in your mind.

There is another reason why I’m not joining them though.

You see, I have only just finally got around to upgrading my PC to a standard where I can actually play decent games on it. Before I shared a computer with my brother, which I did paid half for – but then he decided to upgrade and give me the parts he didn’t keep. Except he didn’t give me them – he refused to relinquish them until I had given him the other half of the money. So what does this have to do with me not playing at the moment?

Well, I bought WoW the same time as one of these friends that are on now – he’s Level 60. Me?
…I’m level 25 – anyone who’s played the game will tell you I won’t be able to fight his enemies, although to give him credit he has been helping me with a few quests lately…

Well, I know I’ve rambled a lot in this post, and yes it’s mainly been about gaming – sue me. I may do another post in the morning or at some point during the day, if not then I have the word to suit all occasions…

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