Well, think it’s about time I announced my next blog project since I’m ready to release the first post. Like just about everyone else on the planet I’ve had my time this weekend spent being rather addicted to the Sims. And obviously because I like falling into the usual categories of mashing various aspects of my hobbies/work together until both resemble nothing more than unrecognisable pulp, I’ve decided to mix a little of Left 4 Dead into the proceedings by recreating the Left 4 Dead characters in The Sims 3 to see what hilarious japes they get up to. That and it’s far easier to let weird/bad/crazy stuff happen to Sims characters that aren’t based on yourself.

Incidentally I am not abandoning Malevolent Effect, that’s still ongoing (as I hope the update to the blog headers thanks to some awesome coding help from the brilliant Monsieur Cobbett prove) – heck, both this new project and that are obviously going to be subject to the real life stuff happening at the moment, mainly from moving house and no longer being a student as I keep seemingly reiterating in the last few blog posts. But hopefully once I’m settled into my new place the updates will be more forthcoming. Anyway, without furher ado please click on the image above to be taken to Left 4 Sims, and see exactly what happened when our favourite zombie holocaust survivors made it to Riverside.

Incidentally, if you enjoy this sort of thing and would like to read another Sims 3 related tale, Mr roBurky has been busy creating a homeless Father and Daughter combo known as Alice and Kev. Well worth a read.

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