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Whether your a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer, or indeed, anyone you can’t deny that there is a little bit of Geek inside you. So when Edios released Lego Star Wars last year, you did let out a squeal of joy didn’t you?


-Review of Lego Star Wars, over at The Mad Gamer

Recently, I’ve just started on my “Easter Holidays” – which is nice, as I get an extra two weeks off on top of the usual. And already I’ve made myself semi useful by doing a lot of artwork. And as well as that I’ve managed to get a review or two done, and of course – play a fair amount of games.

And it’s slightly weird. I seem to be approaching these tasks with a renewed vigour, and for some reason I feel rather happy. I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s having something to keep me occupied, maybe it’s the whole thing about being appreciated, maybe it’s just because I’ve finished all the hectic deadlines last week. And not only that, but with achieving Distinction on two of the assignments.

One the other side though, it’s starting to hit home how close I am to the end of college. Hell, after Easter there’s only seven weeks of the “Final Major Project” and then that’s it. Finito. And I’m quite sad really. I’ve connected more with the people who I’ve only spent the last 18 months with at college than most of the people I spent five full years of secondary education with. I am going to be genuinely upset when I don’t see a lot of these people again. I would consider most of them friends, more so than other people I’ve known for a lot longer.

On the more positive side, after attending Lincoln University’s open day recently I’m really really looking forward to it, and strangely enough I do feel ready for this new stage of my life – God, that sounded corny – quite scarily I feel like I want to get started now, apart from the losing the friends I have currently. Although, some of those that I consider friends may be joining me at Lincoln (abliet not on the same couse) so at least there’s something else I can hold out hope for.

Oh, and Oblivion rocks. So much stuff to do and so vast, it indeed is a fantastic game, I can’t reccomend it highly enough, the sheer scope is breathtaking and by God Bethesda has managed to pull off a good game well.

…What, you didn’t expect one more game releated comment?
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