Alrighty then, on Saturday I took a day trip to Lincoln. After managing to miss my intended train and spending a lovely 4 hours getting different trains and getting dirty looks from bloody GNER conductors, I finally met up with my older brother, my Sister-In-Law and nephew at 2.30pm. The main reason for the trip was to have a look around what will be my accomodation for (probably) the duration of my study at the University of Lincoln. However my appointment was supposed to be at 2.00pm. Oops.

Anyway, the place I’ll be moving to is called “Brayford Quays” and is on the Lincoln Waterfront, right next to Brayford Pool, and indeed the place looks very nice indeed:

Brayford Quays Apartments

The positioning is absolutely fantastic, it’s slightly off the waterfront -and along said waterfront area there are literally a load of bars, restaurants and a cinema. The Super Deluxe apartments are literally above some of these bars – the one in the picture being a case in point. But my room, a “Standard” room, is just off it just enough so hopefully it won’t be too bad on a night. The scenery nearby is also fantastic, and it’s also very close to the University itself:

Inside, my particular room has a decent amount of space, a window (which obviously, is always useful) and quite a bit of storage, both under the matress in the bed itself, along with the wardrobe and shelves. It also has a “Study area” with a pretty cool desk and chair provided (although I’ll obviously be bringing my leather chair from home.) and En Suite facilities.
My Room
The Ensuite

The bills (including electric, water, phone and internet) are all included in the rent, and it also has a good deal of security.

I’m really really pleased with it to be honest. After hearing horror story after horror story about student accomodation, leaky celings and piss smelling corridoors, I think I’ve struck really lucky with this accomodation, it seems really nice and the location of the University (Lincoln) seems to be a really nice place, with everything close by. The trip has actually gotten me even more looking forward to University than before, I can honestly say that I can’t wait to move in. The date when I do move in incidentally, is the 17th September. So four weeks yesterday.I shall leave you now with what will be the view from outside my window once I move in:
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One Response to Moving On…

  1. bob_arctor says:

    Not bad, but that carpet is pretty damn gopping.

    Can’t remember what my carpet’s gunna be like at Brum. Hopefully better.

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