It appears Aaron McKenna has posted an article over on Game Career Guide about how to be a Games Journalist, and indeed he makes some interesting points on how and indeed, what:

A games journalist is somebody who reviews video games first, reports on the games industry second and writes the odd learned article on the nature of life, the universe and game design third. The main purpose of a games journalist in life is, when you boil it all down, to tell people what games they should buy and play and why.

I had a good read of this, and indeed it does make for interesting reading. Whether it’s entirely relevant and truthful is as always up for debate, as my self confessed aspirations go, Games Journaslist is probably a career I’m most leaning towards at the moment, given the lack of any other sort of solid plan, I read this slightly nervously, given this mindset of not having much in the way of future plans, and indeed I was rather pleasantly suprised.

To be a games journalist requires a handful of rather obvious seeming basic prerequisites which are oftentimes overlooked by potential candidates:

You must know and have a passion for video games.


You must be able to write.


You must be entertaining.

I’d like to think so. If only you’re laughing at my ineptitude.

I mean, I know in real life I’m probably the least cocky person you’ll meet, but indeed, this article, even if only slightly, has boosted my confidence a little. Obviously I have a fair few steps to take – I do intend to take up the offer of Work Experience at some point in the near future, but indeed, the article doesn’t put me off. Which is a good thing.

So you see the difference between a games journalist and somebody who wants to be a games journalist is three fold. One, you must know and love video games. Two, you must be able to write intelligibly in your native language. Three, you must be able to combine your passion and technical ability into intelligent and entertaining copy.

Although I do agree with Kieron Gillen. The article does seem to be more about how to be a good games journalist, rather than just being one. Although I do feel a little less qualified to comment much more on that.

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