Today Ben Borthwick marks the milestone of surviving twenty years of human life. Starting from the 29th of January 1988, Ben Borthwick has managed the impressive feat of aging another year while still maintaining the usual human habit of exsisting. Experts have remarked that this achievement is “Absolutely normal. No, seriously – why are you bothering us?”

Sources claim that cake may be involved at some point, although this may prove to be a fabrication. However, Ben joins the ranks of every other normal human being managing to achieve the same feat. In a recent interview, Ben was quoted as saying: “Hurrah”


Cube Cake Small

And for those of you kind enough to click more, the obligatory celebration song. And maybe a warning of Portal Spoilers if you are of the minority who haven’t played it yet and want to.

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One Response to Still Alive

  1. Chris Evans says:

    Bravo and Happy Birthday for yesterday The_B!

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