Damn headaches.

Yes, as usual my blog is filled with ansgst, moans and whining but hey – like sucks, get over it -like I’m going to have to with this throbbing headache right now. Yes, pain is (for want of a better phrase) a humongous pain in the arse. And its more than enough people trying to tell me what’s casuing it – thank you – now point me to the goddamn Paracaetemol.

Actually, this week has been pretty good to be honest – not much has happened but then not a lot of bad stuff (other than losing all 17GB of my music) has really happened this week. I’m going to be having a bash at The Matrix Online tomorrow, and meanwhile on World of Warcraft I’ve got my mount.

Yes, it’s the little things…

And the boredom has REALLY kicked in now – the fact I’ve been away from College for 6 weeks now and in that time I’ve managed to actually do not a lot outside of the computer is, well, quite depressing in a way, but then I don’t know why it should be. But hell, I would like a job right now. As my brother manages to fall into yet another job with good pay doing something enjoyable, I can’t even seem to find any employment. Saying that perhaps I shouldn’t be so picky as to where I want to work – most of them won’t accept me until I’m 18, so come Janurary I should hopefully have one. Call me desperate, but I actually want to be back at College right now. Then again, I’m wishing for a lot at the moment…

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