It’s been announced that Mark Whalberg is to play everyone’s favourite moody walking noir cliché Max Payne in the upcoming movie adaptation…

Mark Whalberg as Max Payne
(Apologies for the poor quality, I still need to reinstall Photoshop)

Three words: Not. Constipated. Enough.

EDIT: On a completely unrelated note, apparently my blog is now the number one Google for “Sexual Bloggings”. Ooo-err missus!

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4 Responses to The Fall of Max Whalberg

  1. Jon says:

    Loving the ‘cheesy, butter wouldn’t melt’ look in Wahlberg’s eyes. Somehow the gun weilding is playing second fiddle to this!

  2. scottymeade says:

    When I think about it the only other option they had was mel gibson, who would have been perfect, but after he made the passion of the christ he went fucking insane, like all the other overboard religous fuckheads. But my point being, try and find a better actor for the role, there aren’t many.

  3. […] to put it another way, for all those who come here to see my rubbish Max Payne/Mark Whalberg picture mock up, (apparently it’s quite a lot) I suppose you might find it interesting to know the trailer is […]

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