It was a dark and stormy night that night, and the seas had been harsher than any seas could have been. Although tonight the waves had grown to an eeire calm, making tonight seem rather onimous. Sheer-luck Holmes and me, his sidekick Wattsun had gathered the suspects in the library of the magnificent cruise liner. The group that had gathered were all very nervous and eyed each other suspiciously, each of them looking for a sign of weakness within the other. They waited with great anticipation as Holmes, arched over the fireplace with a Brandy in hand took a sharp breath.

The room went silent, Holmes laughed to himself, he had indeed cracked a great case, and surely the crowd would now be standing in awe of his amazing skills. He turned around, and noticed that the entire crowd, whom he assumed had been listening silently to his every wod, were now dead on the floor. Only Wattsun remained, and he held both his hands behind his back. “What happened here Wattsun?”

That’s right, I go all New Games Journalism on your arse for my review of The Ship over at The Mad Gamer (which incidentally, is now a .com as well as

I’m pretty proud of this one so yeah, go read it and proceed to tell me that these sort of reviews are “shit because all I want to know is if the game is any good”. Etc etc…

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