I tried to like this, so badly… Ever since we were told to “Take the Red Pill” by Morpheus all the way back in 1999, everyone wanted to “be” Neo – to be “The One” and kick ass. Now, two movies and two other games later, Shiny have finally offered gamers that chance in “The Path of Neo” – unfortunately, it doesn’t quite live up to expectations. The game puts you in the role of Thomas Anderson’s shoes from the moment Morpheus calls Neo’s phone in the office, right up until the Final Showdown with Smith at the end of Revolutions – taking in a few twists and turns along the way…
Yup, another review over at Monkehs.com/The Mad Gamer – Path Of Neo, if you’re interested.

It’s been another one of those “meh” months to be honest. Not a great deal has happened since my last blog – I’m still stuck in the same old situation (I.E. jobless and single) – and about the best thing that’s really happened lately is the end of term at college – and so the end of the deadlines until 2006. Obviously this fact doesn’t make for a fantastic blog, but then it’s my mess and I’d rather post it on the internet – as “Modern Art” if you will… ¬_¬

Maybe I should take more risks now and again, but most of the time as soon as I do I find myself with a face full of crap – or to put it in a more literal sense, things spiral into a situation that I can’t handle. The thing is, it’s not for want of trying, but I’ll be the first to say I don’t really try hard enough, so in a way – like most things- it’s only my fault. Hell, I need a job for the money, but I’m so damn stubborn I’m only going to accept somewhere I won’t mind working at.

However, in about a month’s time I turn 18 – it’s like a wake-up call for me really, and I’m not going to have any excuse by that point. Next year I plan to goto Uni, and as a result the last few weeks have involved me writing my personal statement and filling out my UCAS form online – however, the fact that some of the options on the site are confusing me (hell, I choose the course I’m studying currently to be told it’s been “discontinued” three years ago. The fact I’m currently on it tells me otherwise…) and I’m not really too sure how to sell myself and still tell (mostly) the truth. However, now it’s done I have to hand the thing in – and now I’m worried I’m too late to get the place I want. Considering I’ve only applied for one course at one University that’s quite a gamble. If I don’t get in I’ve no idea what I’ll do instead – which kinda leaves me up the creek as it were…

This blog was brought to you while listening to The Beautiful South and so I’ll end with these lyrics:

How do you know you can’t swim, until you have drowned?
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