Just a quick update really on a few writing thingys, in the name of being a little bored today, despite the fact I have University work I ‘could’ be getting on with…

Anyway, as I said, I have an opportunity to write some stuff for the BBC in the near future, which is nice. There’s the I-still-have-to-apply-for work experience possibility with PCGamer at some point (which I really will get around to filling out the application form eventually; money, time and other real life issues currently slowing me down) and indeed – I am basically going to use this particular blog post to pimp myself out, if I may. If for some reason you’re reading this blog, and think I could actually write something for you to do with video games, get in contact with me – my email is on the about me page and perhaps we could work something out. Hell yes this is a cocky post, but hey – if I’ve got it, I’ll flaunt it. For cash. -I’m a student, what do you expect?

In the meantime, I’ve finally found and decided to upload two pieces of work I submitted to PC Gamer magazine more than a year ago. Unfortunately, I never heard anything back from them – so I have no idea if they liked them or not, and indeed I haven’t yet seen them in print. Therefore I’ve felt it’s high time to let you guys read them, and as usual critique and comments are welcome. Just click on the respective quotes to read the full articles. The first one is my Long Play piece on the game StarTopia, and the second is probably the piece of work I am most proud of, called Modus Operandi, I looked at something that can be quite an issue in games, and that’s the perversion of what is considered the “popular” game mode of DeathMatch in first person shooters. Take a lookie.

Long Play:StarTopia

Maybe it’s the little things. Like watching a Scuzzer Droid “scuzzing” to build my first energy collector. Like healing my first Grey in the Medibay in a brilliant beam of light. Like listening to the squeals of delight from the Salt Hogs as they’re put to work on the Recycler. Or, quite simply my favourite, the little comments made by the ship’s computer (cunningly named “VAL”) during the game’s tutorial, and indeed, the rest of the game: “I wish you luck, speed …and freedom from stupidity.”

Modus Operandi

“It’s funny really. There are roughly over 28,000 video games listed on the MobyGames database – probably more by the time you read this. Of those approximately 5200 are on the PC, and that number is ever-increasing every day. With so many games, come so many genres – from the humble FPS to the Acroynm-philes favourite MMOFPRPG, and if we want to break it down even further, we’ll find that a lot of games offer alternative play modes in which they can be enjoyed. Heck, I remember when the only way to play Tetris was to just try and not let the blocks fill the screen, nowadays they probably offer some sort of Time-Group-Survival-Attack-In Space mode…”

EDIT: Ooh, also 100th Blog Post. Woo!

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