Who Am I?

Ben BorthwickHero. Legend. Exemplary gentleman of our time. All phrases that have never been used to describe Ben in any capacity. He has however been described as ‘someone who writes about computer games’ and a man that would never, ever refer to himself in the third person, except perhaps for a small lapse during an opening paragraph.

So, professionally and in a very real sense, I’m Ben Borthwick. You may also know me by my online handle: The_B. I’m currently in my thirties, and male, if you didn’t guess. I come from the city of Hull in the East Yorkshire region of the United Kingdom, studied Computer Games Production at the University of Lincoln and am now currently based in Hull trying to make some headway into the Games Journalism career path. You may if you wish consider this a sign at the edge of a road saying “Will write for food (And money).”

I have a great appreciation of video games, and could probably debate about the merits of using physics as a weapon in games as much as your average soccer pundit could explain the intricacies of the offside rule. The metaphor also probably expands to the blank look on your face as I go into the finer details and possible impact on video gaming as a whole. My main area of expertise lies within PC games. However, since University I’ve branched out a lot into other formats. Luckily, I am also interested in the creation of video games, as well as games as a form of media and a medium for entertainment as well as the playing of them, and I suppose those that know me would consider me to be somewhat of an expert, but whether I actually am is debatable.

To my advantage, I appear to be reasonably adept at writing as well – and luckily for me, I enjoy it. I used to run and maintain my own gaming website, The Mad Gamer, which was established in 2005 originally as a place for readers to submit their own content on all aspects of gaming. Most of my work from there is now situated on this very blog, under the ‘Highlights’ section. Since then, I’ve produced copy for several other outlets – my work having featured in several places including Videogamer.com PC Gamer (UK) magazine, Official Xbox Magazine (UK), The Reticule and Gaming Daily as well as contributing services to Official PlayStation Magazine, Edge and GamesRadar.

I am available for all kinds of freelance writing work, from transcribing to columns, features, reviews or indeed any sort of activity that would involve words and the creation thereof. If you’re interested in procuring my services, and want to get in contact with me then you can Email me and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

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