What Have I Done?

So, yes. If you’ve been keeping track, you may know that I happen to have a very large interest in Video Games. I also happen to be fairly competent at writing. As a result, and in a moment of brilliance, I fairly often bring the two together like some sort of freaky genetic splicing experiment. However, the results are – for the most part – not so gruesome. In fact, I have been told they make for pretty good reading. So with that in mind, think of this page as a catalogue of quite a lot of the things that I’ve written.

First off, you can find an archive of most of the articles I wrote during my stint as weekend news person on the website for The Official Xbox Magazine (OXM.co.uk/TotalXbox) at this link here.

Find some of my work on on Videogamer here, and on US Gamer here. I also heavily contributed to the US Gamer Resident Evil 7 walkthrough here – there’s plenty of other stuff too, but full disclosure: this portfolio is long overdue a refresh soon.

Obviously as The Mad Gamer was my site, I pretty much hold the “copyright” to the stuff that used to be on there, as well as any writings that I may post here, but I’m generally a kind soul, so if you wish to reproduce them on another site, you may do so, with a couple of conditions – firstly, you obviously credit me as the author, that’s pretty much a given. Secondly, you would also post a link to the original article so that people see where the musings were first unleashed upon the internet. And therefore not incur my wrath. Thirdly I would also appreciate it if you let me know by e-mail where you are reprinting the article, along with a link (where applicable) to wherever it ends up. For anything that isn’t on The Mad Gamer, then we get a little more tricky. For the most part, assume the site that the writing is hosted on is the one that holds the copyright, and for things that are in published print, then it’s a given that you can’t reproduce it unless I repost the article here, and even then, make sure by reading the little description I will no doubt post along with the link. And if I do give permission, then the same rules as for the TMG stuff will no doubt apply. Unless I’m ashamed of it or something.

Articles are sorted by type, followed by how recent they are with the most recent articles are on the top of each list. The date that follows them correspond to the date when they first published where applicable, otherwise I’ve put the date they were first published on this very blog.

So now we’ve got the explanation and introduction out of the way, please use the carousel at the bottom to peruse the various writings, reviews and other musings created by me, Ben Borthwick:

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