How to Party: Hero Style!

This was an interview that I conducted with a fellow who went under the psudeonym: “Tainted Greek” when he orgainsed the first Paragon Dance Party on the City of Heroes Defiant server (EU).

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The date was Sunday, the 24th April 2004, and anyone logging into the official City Of Heroes forums will have noticed a buzz about the place, especially around the “Defiant” server. But what was going on?

Was Statesman (the games creator) about to make an announcement? No, it was better than that. 8pm saw the first “Paragon Dance Party” on the Defiant server. In the MMORPG “City of Heroes, thousands of players can create their own superhero and take to the fictional streets of Paragon City. However, in adittion, the Devs saw fit to include a buliding within the city which is basically a huge in game area that is, to put it simply, a disco.

Now players have taken it upon themselves to hold regular events at the “Paragon Dance Party”, and one such hero decided to hold the first mass event on the server. That hero was Tainted Greek, from “The Contingency” supergroup, and it was Tainted Greek that The Mad Gamer managed to grab for an interview…

The Mad Gamer: So, why did you decide to hold this event?

Tainted Greek: I attended a similar event on the Union server, and really enjoyed it. I thought that organising one on Defiant would be a good opportunity for players to get to know one another, no matter how far apart their levels are, like a big family reuniuon!

TMG: What did organising the event involve?

TG: Well, most important was finding the right people to help with the party, they had to have the right attitude, and I also had to “hire” heroes to do certain jobs such as doormen/bouncers, sonmeone to run the “bar” etc etc. In adittion, I Had to advertise and promote the event throughout the week leading up to it.

TMG: What sort of support did you get from the developers of the game?

TG: Well, we asked them to keep am eye on the server capacity for the amount of people gathering and also they sticked the thread on the offical City Of Heroes message boards, so all in all I would say we got a very good level of support

TMG: How do you think the event went, overall?

TG: I think the event was awesome, everyone was in a good mood partying, and everyone tried really hard with their costumes and binds so they could win the contentests we ran during the event. ANd with special appearences from DJ Tiesto everyone danced a lot and had a lot of fun!

The event was an enormous success, Tainted also mentioned that he hoped that 65 people would turn up to the event. The actual number was quite astounding, and 140 people turned up to the event, so much that the developers had to open up a second instance of the Dance Party server to accomodate the massive turnout, with some heroes having to enter the second instance (which we were informed, as we managed to get into the primary party, also started to get very close to capacity)

There were even several competitions held during the night, including a costume competition, a best battle-cry/taunt competition – both with top prizes of 1million influence (the games “currency”) and a King & Queen of the Party, who both won a rare accolade (Badge) from the game. Both contests were resounding successes, and congratulations go to the winners of the competitions, who were:

Costume competition winner: Lady Caissa

Best Battle-cry\Taunt winner:
Poison Spine

Queen of the Party: Miss Neutronic

King of the Party: Shockolate

So, as you can see, some games have really good communities, and kudos goes to NCSoft and Cryptic for supporting their customers in making the games their own- as for the final word, we asked Tainted Greek, quite literally Hero of the Month, for some final words to anybody thinking of joining the next event:

“Put your party attitude on, the best costume, funkiest look and come and have some fun in the BEST MMORPG ever and watch us party like there’s no tomorrow!!!”

-How can you argue with that?

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