Yes, yes. I know I’m a horrible person. Haven’t had a new post in nearly five months, and even longer before anything substantial (podcast aside) on here. While you won’t want to hear excuses I’m going to give you a flimsy one anyway, and just admit I’ve not been happy with some of the drafts I’ve had between Christmas and now to post on here, and those that have have ended up getting posted as articles elsewhere.

But in some effort of making it up to the one person that is probably still reading my blog, here’s a list of the things I’ve written in the interim that have appeared elsewhere in a vague chronological order, assuming I can find it:

My review of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 over on The Reticule

I take a look at the evolution of DRM over on my brother’s site, HullGamer.

I ask some questions about DLC at Citizen Game.

I wonder why new takes on old franchises are often decried before they even emerge back on Reticule.

My first ‘proper’ 360 game review appears in the form of Splinter Cell Conviction for HullGamer.

And finally, also on The Reticule, I review indie game Plain Sight.

I also caught some fish:

Finally, I’m now jumping on the Formspring bandwagon. Ask me stuff, but I can’t promise I won’t answer with ‘Your Mum’. Sorry.

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